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iJoomer supports Virtuemart which is the undisputed leader among all the Joomla e-commerce components. It gives users to get their virtumart store on mobile out of the box. Currently Virtuemart Mobile app is available for iPhone and Android Platform, We are in process of getting is fully compatible with iPad, too.

iJoomer for virtumart loads up the products quickly in the app for the fast access to mobile users. Product images are cached in the mobile device to enhance the caching and fast loading.

To get your web e-commerce store on mobile, following easy steps are required.

  • Install iJoomer component and plugin on your current Joomla setup.
  • Configure the iJoomer Component to adjust the settings.
  • Provide us your branding images for mobile (iPhone/ Android), eg. Splash screen & logo.
  • Get the Color theme change to match with your website theme.
  • We submit your application on AppStore on your behalf.
  • Your e-commerce is now extended to m-commerce!!

The following is the feature list of the Virtuemart application for iPhone and Android)

  • Managed custom featured products for mobile application’s home screen.
  • Intuitive Product detail page for better experience.
  • Toggle thumb view and list view from the administrative panel.
  • Send Push Notification to your users.
  • Paypal for mobile pre-integrated.
  • The shipping methods which works on your virtuemart site, works on iJoomer.
  • Product wish-list can be created.
  • Secured data transmission.
  • Order status updates available in real-time.
  • And many more to add up.

We are continuously updating VirtueMart with new features and can also help you to develop any custom features which you might have iton your website.

Buy for iPhone - $499 Buy for Android - $499 Buy a combopack - $799

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