Joomla SDK for native Android

Welcome to the Developer's Arena!

We are happy to announce that Android's JomSocial library (Beta Version) will out in next week [as a JomSocial Libraray and Complete Project]!

Are you looking for a platform to develop a private community application???

If yes, hop on board iJoomla!

Join JomSocial's bandwagon for desktop user interface and library with a 'fully working Example App code' waiting to be used at your disposal! We are in search of BETA testers who can help our development team in exterminating the bugs from our library to make it superlatively developer friendly…

Want to help?

Yes? Then, you can do so subscribing for Beta Tester.

No? Then reconsider your decision.. because who knows, you might just get a chance to win a Pro License of iJoomer's Development Plan worth $999 SIMPLY BY PARTICIPATING!

Is it for me? Yes if :

  • You are an Andriod developer looking for a Private Community Application
  • You have already integrated JomSocial on your website
  • You wish to add Private Network Features to your current app
  • You are an Enterprise that needs a Private Community Network

So how do I integrate?

Simple! Just use any of the two approach:
  • Import existing project
  • Use iJoomer for JomSocial library as base and customize further as per your needs
  • DONE!

Are you thinking why you should be using the iJoomer Library? Here's why:

  • Ease of integration. No complex procedures to be followed!
  • 80% time saving…which you can spend with your family!
  • Superior scalability
  • Customization at your disposal – as much and as many times!
  • FREE technical support for the first 3 months via email
  • Your very own 100% white labelled 'BRANDING'
  • No hidden costs. No additional Taxes.
  • Regular updates for new versions in Joomla, JomSocial and Android
  • Pre-integrated photo and video uploading

Why not have a quick look at the features?

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