iJoomer For Developers

iJoomer have been providing ready apps which can be submitted to the Android MarketPlace or iPhone's AppStore or BlackBerry Market from last twenty months or so. During this tenure, we have got numerous requests from the developers who wanted to try their hands-on to the codes in order to customize the application's theme, icons placements etc to alter the codes themselves. To make this possible, we have introduced the library format for Android (for JomSocial) as a starting point and in future, same will be followed for iPhone and BlackBerry apps too. Now, as a developer, you will have full control over the application's behavior as well as you will be able to integrate iJoomer in any of you current application. We are working harder to make developer's life easier and cost-effective to sustain in the market. We hope to have support of you guys to make iJoomer bigger and better.

How it can benifit you?

  • Ease of integration. No complex procedures to be followed!
  • 80% time saving…which you can spend with your family!
  • Superior scalability
  • Customization at your disposal – as much and as many times!
  • Your very own 100% white labelled 'BRANDING'
  • Pre-integrated photo and video uploading


Why are we providing Jar files?

There is a simple reason behind it, Joomla, Android as well as JomSocial gets updated frequently and we want to make sure you, as a developer has flexibility to get upgrades available. To make sure your designs and flows don't change, we are keeping the core logic files in "Safe Box" (JAR file) and just upgrading the JAR file in the app and component and plugin on the server will make sure you don't have to re-do anything.

Updates Methodology

Our aim is quiet clear about the updates. Once you make use of our library and build up an application and in future if there are updates from the part of Joomla or JomSocial or any other component, at that time, all you will need to do is to update the JAR library file and updates will be compatible. This will make sure your view files wont be altered at all and your hard-work in fixing up the layouts etc is maintained. Also, on the server end, we will be releasing iJoomer component's new version which you can update on the website.

How to get started?

Simple! Just use any of the two approach:
  • Import existing project
  • Use iJoomer for JomSocial library as base and customize further as per your needs
  • DONE!